Linda Mauperon

Member of Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Information Society and Media | European Commission

Linda Mauperon has been a Member of Mrs. Viviane Reding’s Cabinet since April 2007. Within Commissioner Reding’s portfolio, she deals with all the social aspects of the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) at the service of the citizen, and with research on future and emerging technologies in the ICT sector.

The issues at stake are wide ranging and cover e-Inclusion together with e-Accessibility, e-Government and e-Health, ICT for sustainability as well as the European initiative GEANT, a high speed, high quality fibre network that enables data to circulate between 3,900 universities and research centres in over 40 European countries and many more worldwide

Before joining the Commission in 1993, Linda Mauperon worked in the private sector where she was following European affairs and policies in the various positions she occupied. Working with the Commission has given her the chance to broaden her outlook beyond agriculture which forms her higher educational background. Since becoming a EU official, she has had the opportunity to work on several reforms in the agricultural sector, to elaborate budget forecasts and contribute to the annual budgetary excercise, to carry out coordination and organisational tasks as Assistant to the Deputy Director General. More recently she worked as a Member of two consecutive Cabinets with Commissioners Franz Fischler and Mariann Fischer Boel.

Linda Mauperon is holding the conference keynote.