Peter Krantz

Strategic Development Officer
previously with the Swedish Administrative Development Agency, Verva

Peter Krantz has been a web developer for the last ten years. From 2003 to 2008 he co-authored the Swedish National Guidelines for Public Sector Websites (PDF) that integrate usability, accessibility, and standardisation. To raise developer awareness about web accessibility he developed Fangs, a Firefox extension to emulate a screen reader, and the Ruby Accessibility Analysis Kit (RAAKT), a toolkit integrating basic automated accessibility testing in unit testing frameworks.

He writes about web accessibility in his blog Standards Schmandards, personal stuff in his personal blog, and runs the national community site Eutveckling to help Swedish web developers build more accessible websites. Peter is a Strategic Development Officer at the National Courts Administration and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Peter Krantz is speaking on the Comparison of National Accessibility Guidelines panel.

Slides (PDF)