Dr. Jonathan Hassell

Head of Audience Experience & Usability, British Broadcasting Corporation | Acting Chair, British Standards Committee on Web Accessibility IST/45

Jonathan Hassell is the Acting Chair of the IST/45 committee which is in the process of creating the BS8878 Accessibility Standards in the UK, having been part of the authoring and steering team for the previous PAS 78 (PDF) Guide to good practice in commissioning accessible websites from the British Standards Institute.

He is Head of Audience Experience and Usability for BBC Future Media & Technology, leading the BBC‘s Usability & Accessibility team to ensure BBC projects and services are usable to all users, including disabled users, by helping production teams engage with those users throughout product development.

He has six years experience in the field of accessibility, setting accessibility standards across web and IPTV for the BBC. He has commissioned groundbreaking projects using innovative new accessibility techniques and technologies to enable a wide variety of groups of disabled children to learn via multimedia and user-generated eLearning. He has a PhD in Human Computer Interaction, and won the BIMA 2006 for Best Achievement in Accessibility for his first commission: the BBC accessibility information site My Web, My Way.

Jonathan Hassell is speaking on the Comparison of National Accessibility Guidelines panel.