Steve Faulkner

Technical Director, The Paciello Group | W3C PFWG

Steve is the Senior Web Accessibility Consultant and Technical Director at The Paciello Group Europe. He was previously a Senior Web Accessibility Consultant at Vision Australia. He is also the Director of the Web Accessibility Tools Consortium (WAT-C), for which he has worked with many individuals and organisations around the world to provide localised versions of the WAT-C web accessibility testing tools. He is the creator and lead developer of the Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT) and co-developer of the Colour Contrast Analyser (CCA).

Steve researches, presents, and writes articles on how assistive technology works with technologies such as JavaScript, AJAX, and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI ARIA).

Steve Faulkner is speaking on the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) panel.