Lars Gunther

The Web Standards Project Education Task Force

Lars Gunther studied at what has become Stockholm School of Theology. It was during this time that he bought his first modem and joined BBSs and Compuserve. He also started a company, Keryx, on the side, which he has kept ever since. During the 90s, he developed web sites for his church, for his company, and for a few customers. He gradually discovered web standards and switched to CSS layouts in 2000. Since 2001 he has been working as a teacher, with telecommunications and web technologies as his primary subjects. He is a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers.

In 2005 he approached the Web Standards Project (WaSP) in order to solicit their help in reforming education in Sweden, and he has joined the WaSP Education Task Force to work on a curriculum.

He shows up on IRC channels, SitePoint, Wikipedia, the WSG mailing list, the WHATWG mailing list, PHP internals and some Swedish forums, often with the nickname “itpastorn” (standing for “IT pastor”), which was given to him by colleagues a long time ago.

Lars Gunther is speaking on the Web Standards and Accessibility in Higher Education panel.